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Rope Solo - Flatter

I want to flatter, be flattered, and be flatter
at least I think
clothes that flatter are clothes that slim you or clothes that make you look flatter in most places but not flat in others
this way, when eyes compare your ass to your waist and there is a big difference it will flatter your waist
the comparison doesn’t work though if you stand next to someone who’s just 


but still it depends on the eye of the comparer, cause he may only care if the flat is next to the un-flat or they may only want flat or she may only care if you at least tried to flatter your flat and unflat the best you could.
the flat girls flatter by stuffing and puffing to flatter the flat into looking flatter
the girls that are flat waist up and un-flat waist down are crowned thicc or curvy and read the handbook of

how to flatter their flats and un-flats
the ones that are just unflat either un-flatten their chests, chins, and middle fingers to flatter their personalities or

find a place to hide.

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