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How do you see me?

Why does that change?

How do I see me?

How do I see you see me?

How do you see me be me that sees you see me?

How does it change how you see me when I change based on how I see me be seen by you?

How do you see me?

How do I see me?

Why is it like that?

How do we change it?

Is the me we speak about my body?

And when you see me are you seeing ME?

Do I know me?

How many are there?

Am I a different me to myself than to you?

But when I see you see me does ME change?

When you see me change does it change who I am to you as me?

What is me?

How do you see me?

How do I see me?

How is it to be seen by me seeing you see me?

Do you see ME then?

How many me’s are there in me?

Which one is ME?


Which one do you see?

Corpomorphologistics is a solo aerial rope show on the border between contemporary circus and performance art. Combining language, soundscape, costume, body, and concept the artist enters the stage as the center of a question to the group: How do we see me? There is only one rope, only one body, and only one space but as the focus thickens much more appears than was initially looked for… or was it just ignored? Playing with layering and the countless ways a single body can morph, a language of shapes begins to intimately speak and be heard, understood, misinterpreted, and thought over. Identity and perception are questioned as the lines between seeing, naming, and judging are blurred and maybe even dismantled.

Duration: 1 hour

Technique: Aerial Rope


Maker and Performer - Jessica Hellmuth

Outside Eye - Piet Rogie

Dramaturgy - Bauke Lievens

Light: Bart Verzellenberg


Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof


Other Supporters:

Espace Catastrophe

TENT Amsterdam

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